Wolf enlarged

A normal wolf


Wolves are the most common NPC enemy you will encounter within any round, as they patrol the forest waiting to pick off unsuspecting men who wander alone. They do not attack within the day time unless approached, and can be distracted by meat, or chased off when outnumbered.

Understanding WolvesEdit

Wolves have a bad reputation of slaughtering entire villages, They never stop a hunt during the night until they are killed, or you are knocked out. Wolves drop two pieces of hide when killed.

A good strategy to deal with wolves is fencing off an area to begin with, as they cannot pass through fences, but this is still only a first defence. They will still linger in the area so be careful when leaving at night.

At midnight, you know you are in for it when you hear them howling and haven't seen one yet.


Wolves can change target if the distance between you and them is longer, so it is possible to escape from a wolf by using another player as bait, but be warned this could cause issues between you and the player!

Wolves can also be temporarily distracted by the use of meat, dropping it onto the floor will pose as a temporary distraction as they devour it down, once eaten however they will resume their chase.

A new weakness as of 11/27/14, has been added to the game. If you outnumber a wolf (say you are standing with another person) the wolf will cower in fear and flee. However, if you are alone it will not.