The wolf is a special peasant with various stealthy abilities. He is present in Kingdom mode and spawns in Cowmalot in Kingdoms mode. Even though only the red wolf can spawn, he may create other wolves.


The wolf is stealthy and has certain powers, which include.

Brand- Turns adjacent player or player's corpse into a wolf, with the same powers and equipment. Can be done up to two times. First target has a blue shadow cloak and second target gets a green shadow cloak.

Smoke Screen- Creates a cloud of smoke that covers a medium radius used to escape or go unseen.

Lockpick- Picks a locked or unlocked door and shows an emote. May fail.

Night Vision- Grants the wolf visibility of the entire HUD (does not work beyond walls, doors, etc.)

Special ItemsEdit

Roleplay InfoEdit

The wolves can act just like any peasant, but their true capabilities are not known until it's revealed.

They know each others' names and can work together to do as they see fit. The Blue and Green wolves do not have to follow the orders of the Red wolf.

The shadow knife they hold has higher power the darker the world gets. It is strongest at midnight.