Vessels allow you to travel in the world of Cow RP, besides via foot or riding. Those made by the "newvessel" command require 50 wood each regardless of chosen size, and take up one space on the regular game map. Clicking on one allows you to enter another separate instance whose interior size will depend on your chosen size during construction, fit with a steering wheel to maneuver and a window for passengers to look out of.

  • Cart - Can move on land
  • Ship - Can navigate the sea
  • Airship - Can fly through the skies, free of all obstructions

Legacy BoatEdit

A player can create the original boat on a body of water (excluding the moat) with the "new boat" command. However, unlike the new ship, a boat made this way will take up space on the regular map, limiting its compactness; and is also slower.

The boat comes in 5 sizes:

  • Size 1, which is a 3x3 square of wood floor with a steering wheel in the middle. Costs 10 wood.
  • Size 2, 5x5 squares, costs 20 wood.
  • Size 3, 7x7 squares, costs 30 wood.
  • Size 4, 9x9 squares, costs 40 wood.
  • Size 5, 11x11 squares, costs 50 wood.

To control the boat, simply double click the steering wheel and use the window that pops up. To stop sailing, just click the middle button, which is the Anchor.

Unfortunately, objects built on a boat have the possibility of glitching, such as walls getting loose and dropped items getting left behind