The rules of Cow RP are shown whenever you log in. These are the current rules shown in-game, as of August 18th, 2011.

The full list of official game rules can be found here.

Naming RulesEdit

First and last names must be capitalizedEdit

However, last names are optional.


Good: John Smith, Jonathan

Bad: john smith, john Smith, John smith, johnny

No titles in your name.Edit


Good: Jerry Everett

Bad: King Jerry Everett, Lord Jerry, Jerry the Awesome

No famous or well-known names.Edit


Good: Harry Ruthers

Bad: Harry Potter, Harry S. Truman

No cow-based names.Edit


Good: Burt Torch

Bad: Bovine Cow, Heifer Holst

IC and OOCEdit

See In-character and out-of-character.

IC, or in-character, is anything relating to the roleplay.Edit

Things that are in-character include anything said over Say, Emote, Whisper, and anything you can see on the map, besides the title screen and menus.

Using netspeak and smilies in IC channels is not allowed.

OOC, or out-of-character, is anything NOT relating to the roleplay.Edit

Things that are out-of-character include: anything said over OOC, admin announcements and polls, and anything your character hasn't seen or heard of during the course of the game.

If you mention anything IC over OOC, that's considered IC in OOC, and is against the rules.

Forms of IC in OOC include: mentioning your location over OOC, mentioning plot twists or berry effects over OOC, or calling for help/calling for your guards over OOC.

OOC can also mean your character acting abnormally, or doing things that do not fit your character at all (such as the Priest going on a murdering rampage, or a Knight abandoning the King to live in the forest).


See Grief.

Grief is having a negative impact on the roleplay or another character in the roleplay for an invalid or no IC reason.


See Metagaming.

Metagaming is using information outside of your characters knowledge in your roleplay, or having your character mention things outside his knowledge.