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A very large part of Cow RP, peasants are the only class that is unlimited. There are 5 divisions of peasants, known as "subclasses", that have their own different skills and abilities.



The hunter is skilled in hunting, being able to trap animals and kill them in one hit. Along with normal peasant items, the hunter spawns with animal traps, a hunting spear, and a hunter's outfit.

Special ItemsEdit



The fisher is skilled in fishing, being able to fish twice as fast as other peasants. Along with normal peasant items, the fisher spawns with a fishing rod and a fishing hat.



The gatherer is skilled in gathering, being able to gather double wood and stone. Along with normal peasant items, the gatherer spawns with a gatherer cloth.



Woodcrafters are skilled in crafting wooden armor and weapons. Along with normal peasant items, the woodcrafter spawns with a pair of woodcrafter's overalls.



The farmer is a useful class for the ability to grow anything twice as fast as crops planted by other classes. The farmer is the only class whose plants would not be destroyed on harvest. Along with normal peasant items, the farmer spawns with a pig, sheep, a straw hat, and farmer's overalls.