Introduction Edit

The necromancer is a special peasant that can resurrect people as his undead servants, known as zombies. He appears in the Kingdom and Peasant round. Said zombies MUST follow the necromancer's orders, even if such will get them killed, failure to do so counts as rule-breaking.

However, if a necromancer orders you to perform an action that results in grief, the necromancer himself and not the minion will be the one who will be responsible.

Being a necromancer does not give you an excuse to be naturally evil, or able to kill a person without a valid roleplay reason.


The necromancer is capable of dark magic and can cast the following spells.

Reanimate Corpse- Revive a dead player as a zombie servant. It is to be noted that if a player leaves the game or abandons mob, you will turn the minion into a directly controllable character.

Kill Minion- Instantly kill an existing zombie resurrected by the necromancer. There's no reason to do this unless admins aren't on, as zombies have to follow your orders.

Telepathy- Secretly speak with minions from afar.

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Roleplay InfoEdit

The necromancer can act like any ordinary peasant and hide his true powers. The priest and mages are aware of dark magic, but no one knows the identity of the necromancer until he reveals it. The Necromancer can not murder people who aren't knocked out just to make zombies, as there is no reason to do so.

The necromancer can speak with his minions using the Telepathy spell. Zombies cannot attack the necromancer and are blocked off by a mysterious force. Should the necromancer no longer require the services of his minions, he can use the Kill Minion spell to destroy them.

While the necromancer does possess unique robes, identifying him based on those robes is metagaming, as such you do not know the player is a necromancer until shown/told.