At the beginning of each round, players can vote on which game mode the round will be set to. There are three modes: Kingdom, Peasant, and Islands. Players vote in the Portal Room on which mode they want. The mode with the highest percentage of votes will be played and if there is a tie, it will be randomized.


In Kingdom mode, there is only one kingdom, Bovinia. Every class is available. The king, knights, archers, guards, cook, and jester spawn in the castle surrounded by a moat. The priest has a pre-built church in the village where he spawns. The mages have a large house set outside of the village where they spawn. The chemist and necromancer also have their own homes just outside the village. All of the normal peasants spawn in the church.

This mode has a higher governmental sense to it. The king can be a monarch, or bring about a democracy. There is more law and order with guards, archers and knights around.


In Peasant mode, there are no pre-built structures, and only peasant classes are available (including the special peasants).

This is generally a peaceful mode, it is best described as a new village ready to bloom.


The same classes in Peasant mode are offered in Islands, but of course, instead of a mainland with surrounding islands, the entire map is populated with islands.

This mode is one that encourages exploration across the seas, and settlement off of the starting island.


This mode has been removed in Version 4.03 and replaced with Islands.

This mode has both kingdoms, Bovinia and Cowmalot. Every class is available, including the Cowmalotian versions. The Wolves have a base in Cowmalot. There is also a river separating the two kingdoms, and there is a road that leads to either kingdom.

This mode is the one most likely to have a war. It is possible that Bovinia and Cowmalot will have issues with one another and do so. They could also form an alliance if they wished.