Metagaming is playing your character as if he knew he was in a game, and had access to all the OOC information you do.

Examples include:

  • Mentioning the specific amount of health, hunger, or sleepiness your character has.
  • Calling a character by their player's keyname, or calling a character by name when your own character doesn't know it.
  • Having your character recognize another person's class when you couldn't possibly know it (such as recognizing the necromancer or mage when you are just a woodcrafter).
  • Having your character know where the islands are before sailing to them.
  • Having your character know where another character is or what another character did because you read about it in OOC, on your pager, or on the forums.
  • Using netspeak on the in-character channels.

You may speak out-of-character on an in-character channel by using parentheses or brackets. IC in OOC rules still apply. Since anything inside brackets is OOC, your actual characters cannot hear it.

See also: Rules, IC and OOC.