The knight is a loyal soldier to the king and is bonded to him, being one of his most trusted guards. He keeps the king from harm while keeping the kingdom a safe place. He starts off with no tools. He is known as a Knight in Bovinia, and known as a Noble if he comes from Cowmalot.

Special ItemsEdit

 Knight Set
 Noble Set

Roleplay InfoEdit

The knight is a loyal servant to the king and follows his every command. He protects him whenever he's in danger. However, knights cannot rebel against the king, but if the king makes really bad decisions or goes insane, knights can restrain him to keep him from hurting himself or the kingdom.

He can also keep the kingdom in order and arrest criminals. The knight cannot leave the kingdom unless he has a very important reason, and must stay near the king till death.

He has poor knowledge of being able to craft, hunt, build, or farm.