The king can be the ruler of Bovinia or Cowmalot. He has 2 knights, 2 archers, and 4 guards to protect him. The king wields the sword Excowlibur if he rules Bovinia and Grandius if he rules Cowmalot.

Special ItemsEdit

 Bovinia King Set
 Cowmalot King Set

Roleplay InfoEdit

The king normally rules from his castle and has the most power over his kingdom. His word is law. His two knights are loyal and protect him, and cannot rebel. He also has two archers and four guards who who protect the kingdom under him and are less but still loyal to the king and can rebel with proper reason.

If he needs manual work done, he may call upon his guards or peasants. Though he himself is capable of manual labor, it is improper for him to do it by himself. The king must also never leave his kingdom and wander around unless it is EXTREMELY important, as he has the job of ruling his kingdom.

Lastly, he must find ways to improve his kingdom, get it into shape, and be the right kind of ruler. A tyrannical king who rules with an iron fist may spark chaos and riots. A benevolent and righteous ruler can easily get along with his people and productively improve his kingdom into a prosperous one, if he tries hard enough.