Islands are pieces of land found at sea away from the mainland. As of Version 2.3, there exists 4 islands. DIRECTIONS ARE NOT TO BE POSTED.

Roleplaying with the islandsEdit

The locations and details of the islands are not known to the residents of Bovinia or Cowmalot. Anyone mentioning the islands without actually visiting them is metagaming.

Classic IslandsEdit

See Old Islands.

Current IslandsEdit

Snow IslandEdit

An arctic island chain covered with snow, featuring volcanic activity on the largest island in the chain.

Metagame IslandEdit

An abandoned kingdom where wild dogs roam. Features the tombs of James Talius and Ivon Laine, and a castle.

Templar IslandEdit

The ancient hideout of the Knights Templar. Rumors say it holds the tomb of the Cult of the Damned, and their mysterious leader.

Mushroom IslandEdit

A deadly island where ravenous mushrooms scavenge the forest looking for meat. Again...

Sand IslandEdit

A bland island that contains a small lake in the center, and is made of only sand.