In-character (or IC) is anything the characters do inside the roleplay. It is the opposite of out-of-character.

What is considered IC? Edit

  • Anything said through emote, say, and whisper, is considered in-character.
  • Anything seen on the game screen (besides the HUD and job choice screens) is considered in-character.
  • Attacking, shackling, and building is considered in-character.

What does my character know? Edit

  • If you're the King, you know the names of your knights. You do not know how to build or craft. The King would never have been taught this. Same goes for the Knights and Priest.
  • If you're a Knight, you know the names of the other knights.
  • If you're a Guard, you know the names of the other guards.
  • If you're an Archer, you know the names of the other archers.
  • If you're any of the magic classes (Priest, Mage, Necromancer), you know the abilities of the other magic classes. Nobody else knows what they can do. This is even true when concerning the Priest, a normal person would not know that he has divine healing powers (but he may believe the Priest's blessing is useful).
  • However, the magic classes cannot recognize each other, besides the Mages recognizing the other Mages. The Red Mage would not be able to recognize the Necromancer, but he does know of necromancy.
  • Nobody knows about the abilities of the Wolf unless he reveals himself.
  • Nobody knows the identity of the chemist, but they may know of the existence of a chemist.
  • Everyone knows the name of the King.
  • If your character does learn of one of these facts through in-character means, he may address his knowledge as such.
  • Except for the exceptions above, your character doesn't know the names of people he never met, or their classes.
  • Your character doesn't know what happened in past rounds, and doesn't know anything you heard over OOC. If you abandon your mob and create a new character, your new character is a completely new character and does not inherit the knowledge of any of your past characters.


Out-of-character (or OOC) is anything outside of the roleplay, and everything said in the OOC channel.

What is OOC in IC? Edit

See metagaming.

OOC in IC, also known as metagaming (albeit a bit more specific than metagaming as it only refers to metagaming inside IC channels), is when you use OOC knowledge while in-character.

Using smileys and netspeak inside the IC channels is considered OOC in IC. Referring to grief, keynames and events from past rounds is also considered OOC in IC.

OOC in IC is against the rules.