Cow RP is an online multiplayer role-playing game created by Bovine Buddy and SmashTiger using the BYOND engine. The game is medieval-fantasy themed, where you can play the role of the King, knights, mages, peasants, and others. The game is open-world, and you can make any character you want (as long as it fits the medieval theme).You can build castles, sail to islands, and fight monsters.


You first start with making an RP name. Once you make your name, you enter the Portal Room. Once you go in, you can choose from various Job Classes. Once chosen, you can start roleplaying. You may find some people who you can interact with in real time. You can access chat features at the bottom of your HUD, whether you want to speak outside your game (OOC), or inside your RP (Say, Whisper, Emote). You can move with the arrow keys, and you can build various things by pressing the Build button (B is default) by clicking what you want, then clicking an adjacent tile to build on, providing you have materials for all these things. Please check other articles on this wiki to learn more.


There are rules counting towards roleplaying and OOC communications.


See: GMs

Human RPEdit

Human RP was the 2013 April Fools joke. In Human RP, the cow avatars were replaced with human avatars. It was known as version 4.1, 4/1 being April 1st, the day of April Fools.