The list of clothes and rugs you can make with hide.

Clothes are items that can be worn by players. They add defense to a player and some add more than others. Most can be created from hide, while others are spawned with.

Anonymity MaskEdit

Anonymity masks, when crafted, can be named. Equipping the mask will change your speech, emote, and moused-over name to whatever you named the mask, and can effectively disguise you. However, did does not work on attack and looting emotes. It can also be dyed.

Uncraftable ClothesEdit

See also: Armor
The following are clothes that are only spawned with or obtained by special means.

  • Woodcrafter Cloak
  • Hunter Headband
  • Fisher Hat
  • Farmer Hat
  • Royal Robes
  • Jester Hat
  • Jester Clothes
  • Entertainer Hat
  • Entertainer Clothes
  • Cook Hat
  • Cook Cloth
  • Chef Hat
  • Chef Cloth
  • Priest Hat
  • Priest Cloth
  • Chemist Hood
  • Necromancer Hood
  • Necromancer Robe
  • Mage Robes
  • Mage Hats
  • Shadow Cloaks