1. Gawain Rothschild- Bostafu- Son of Draco
  2. Ganz Rothschild- Warren281- Son of Gawain
  3. Liam Rothschild- Savato- Fourth Cousin
  4. Althros/Carl Rothschild- Dude1717- Brother of Ganz
  5. Draco Rothschild- Smashtiger- Father of Gawain
  6. Mike Rothschild- Mickemoose- Son of Ganz
  7. Althal'os Rothschild- DrakeEX- Brother of Gawain
  8. Kimbo Rothschild- LovetheVillain- Distant Cousin


The Rothschilds (pronounced ROT-shilds) have a large history.

After Warren became a trusted member and had beaten Radiata Stories about seven times, he decided...Why not make a family based off one in the game? The game wasn't famous, so the name wasn't famous.

That was the birth of perhaps one of the greatest families in Cow RP history.

Quickly, several GMs and future GMs such as Smashtiger, Abba, and Savato joined, although the first member to join was Bostafu, as Gawain Rothschild, Father of Ganz.

The family was made of a group that was largely superior in combat, as compared to the common griefer/player.

After several fighting situations, the Rothschilds were soon demonized as Barons by the people who were dying to them.

The family went through hard times and fights with other families such as the Battlehams (Bethlehems) and the Dragonfang family, and even in family fighting that resulted in the castout of a member (Abba).

The Rothschild family has been continued with a new incarnation by Warren, enlisting many new players. See New Rothschild Family


Battlehams (Bethlehems)