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Role playing... Unaware of what we expect of you? Well... First off, get a decent name. A last name isn't necessary, but it is nice to have (e.g. John Bellman). Now, to yourself, decide what your character would be like. Depressed? Outgoing? Rude? And so on. When you are playing Cow RP, your character is in a fantasy/medieval setting. Your character has to be a little realistic. Back then people didn't run around killing other people for no reason whatsoever. Didn't turn out well back then. They ALSO didn't run around shouting "omg that noob killd me yesterday." There are two seperate ways to talk. In Character (IC or say) and Out of Character (OOC). IC/say is what your character would say and does not include anything like "omg" or any other netspeak or modern day terms. OOC has no relation to your character whatsoever, they will not be influenced by what is said in the OOC channel and therefore can include netspeak/modern day terms. Happy role playing!


Roleplaying in itself is you fitting into the character of medieval times.

Term: In Character or ICEdit

IC is a term used by the gaming community to as to say in chararcter. Everything that goes on inside the game and not in ooc chat or anything of the such is IC and to be said in game. If you are killed or unsulted and you wish to report you don't go on ooc because it is IC info you go to the admins. To speak in IC press t, y, or press say on the bottom bar.

Term: Out Of Character or OOCEdit

OOC is whatever is happening outside of the game and should no effect the IC world, for example, the OOC chat. Anything said OOCly should not effect IC play. Using OOC on a worldwide scale is as simple as clicking the OOC button on your HUD, or to talk to someone near you in OOC, simply surround what you say with brackets (()) [] {}.